Looking For The Best Rated Coffee Makers?

best rated coffee makers

We've compiled this exclusive list in the best rated coffee makers, that rate consistently high in terms of overall performance in making great coffee and expressos. The list includes links to our full detailed reviews on each of the best rated coffee makers.


Buyers Guide For The Best Coffee Makers

Choosing Your Drip Coffee maker

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When it comes to buying a drip coffee maker, you could actually spend in excess of $250 if it happens to be one of the best or top of the line. This class of drip coffee maker will have a range of high-end features such as brew controls with interactive displays as well as stainless steel which is normally associated with commercial or professional models. However, based on the latest accurate product testing and consumer reports, you can easily enjoy a high quality coffee maker for around the $40 mark. In addition, if you are on a really strict budget then you easily buy a top coffee maker for under $30.00

While this is true that you can get a very good tasting coffee with just the basics, you still might want to spend a bit more to get a higher amount features for easier coffee making and rather than just settling for a coffee maker that just has a switch that turns it on or off. If you are willing to spend a bit more money, you will reap the benefits of more convenient operation such as having an auto timer, more control for adjusting your brew strengths, water temperatures and even have a thermal carafe that will allow your coffee brew to stay hotter much longer.

The best coffee drip brewers should meet optimal industry standards which means it should be able to reach high water temperatures in the range of 195-205 degrees for a period of 5 minutes or more. In addition, if you prefer coffee makers that are self-serve, then you should go for models that are ‘brew & dispense’ coffee makers which allows you to have your coffee filled up as it is placed at the machine, therefore ensures your coffee is always nice and hot. If you are one of those types that are constantly on the go, then you should opt for the single-serve models which are commonly referred to as pod machines as you can brew a single cup hassle-free as its prepared straight from a sealed beverage pod. The most popular and best sellers of the pod brewers are the Keurig single cup brewers.

Five Factors to Consider when choosing your coffee maker

When shopping for the best coffee maker to buy, you should think about your personal preferences and drinking habits. Things like how many cups you want to make in single brew, how much automation you want the machine to have or frequency of coffee drinking. All these things play a big part in determining the best coffee maker that is suited to your coffee drinking habits. Below are 5 factors you should be thinking about before rushing in to buy a coffee maker.

How Many Cups Do You Need To Make?

If you only need a single cup of coffee to kick-start your day or first thing when you get up, then you really only need to get a one-cup or two-cup drip coffee brewer or single-serve pod machine as you will more than likely use a lot less coffee compared to full-size versions. On the other hand, if you love more than 2 cups during the day, then go for a larger coffee machine. The majority of the bigger brewers will make up to half a dozen cups with 12 cup coffee makers along with 10 cup coffee makers being the most popular. It’s important to be careful of some brands or models as one cup is counted as a very small 4 ounces so in actual fact you getting a machine with much smaller cup capacity.

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How Long Between Serving Cups?

If you have a lot of coffee serves that are a spread out over the course of a day, then you should look for a model type that has either an insulated mug or carafe. A thermal carafe coffee maker will keep your brew hot and fresh in taste for many hours.

Do You Need Automation?

Having to fill up or even turn on the coffee machine first thing in the morning is a little too much for those non-morning type of people. So if you fit that bill, then you should be looking at coffee makers that have automatic on/off switch. If you are on the go and rushing out the door to work in the morning having an auto “off” feature is going to be essential.

Level of Convenience

You should also be buying a coffee machine that has a design that makes the machine easy to use and maintain. So this includes things like intuitive user controls, a water tank that indicates how much water you’ve put in and a swing-out water filter that’s easy to clean and use. Also think about bench top space – is the machine going to fit in your kitchen? The really big and expensive machines can poke out a foot or more but if you have a machine with side-mounted controls allows you to shift the machine to the side so that you don’t occupy as much space.

You'll want a clearly marked water reservoir so that you can see how much water you're putting in, a swing-out filter basket that's easy to use and clean, and simple, intuitive controls. Don't forget to factor in counter space. Some expensive models stick out a foot or more, but side-mounted controls mean that you can turn the machine sideways to occupy less space.

Do You Need to make Espressos?

Because making espressos is done by a completely different process, which involves hot water being forced through a very finely packed grounded coffee. This is something a standard coffee maker can't do – therefore you are going to need an espresso machine that is a basic 2 chambered system or a fully automatic espresso maker.

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Other things to consider:

In addition to above, you should also be taking into account these consideration if you want these kind features associated with the top rated coffee makers:

  • Do you want programmable options?
  • Pause and Serve for extra convienance
  • Is the machine known to be easy to clean?
  • Does it have an effective water filter ?

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